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Salamis was founded by Teucer, son of the King Telamon of Salamis island.
It is thought that the city was originally restricted to a small area around the Harbour, and gradually expanded, particularly from around 1100 be
By the 8th century bc, Salamis had become an important trading centre and a Royal city. The first coins had been minted in Salamis in a the 6th century Bc, and in inscriptions throughout the island from around this time, Salamis is mentioned. In 46 AD Paul and Barnavas, a native of Salamis, travelled to Paphos where they revealed the gospel to the Roman governor Sergius Paulus
He was converted, and thus became the world's firstly Christian ruler. Barnavas later preached in Salamis where he was eventually martyred by the Jews.
Earthquakes in 332 and 342 caused a great deal of damage, and the city was rebuilt by byzantine emperor Constantious, Bing it Constantia after himself, making it the capital of of the island ones again. The city became the seat of both the Bezantyne governor, and the Othodox archbishop. By this time, however the Harbour was beginning to silt up , and the city become a subject of Arabs raids. In 648, after yet Arab rid, the citizens moved to Arsinoe, which later became Famagusta

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