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Everybody deserves  a carefree holiday, and some holiday destinations are more conducive to relaxation because they are pleasantly more giving than others. Limassol which is situated near the Akrotiri Bay and south of the Troodos Mountains is a fabulous year-round holiday destination with a cosmopolitan atmosphere known throughout the centuries for its beautiful vineyards and commercial trading activity. There are always exciting events happening in this city and the Yermasogia Flower Festival, the Wine Festival, the festival of Ancient Greek Drama and the Limassol Carnival are some of the activities that tourists plan their getaways around. Limassol Hotels always offer unrivaled beachfront- and mountain views and are close to restaurants, bars and plenty of entertainment venues.

Hotels in Limassol also suit every kind of holidaymaker, young and old, and they take care of their youngest guests by providing them with special programs and activities which ensures that the whirlwind of fun and excitement never ends.

Blue Flag Beaches are Part of the Limassol Experience

With fantastic blue flag beaches close by, conference rooms which cater for business travelers and romantic hotels with special honeymoon features, hotels in Limassol have been designed to take care of every kind of traveler who jets in to Cyprus to revel under the Mediterranean Sun.

While the kids are deeply involved with their round of activities there are fabulous facilities for parents and other adults to indulge in, and one of the most popular of these are the spas and gym and wellness centers.

Hotels in Limassol a Hive of Information

The reception staff plays an important role in almost all of Limassol Hotels and they understand that they represent these hotels to their visitors. Luxury Limassol hotels as well as the budget ones always have 24/7 reception areas manned by competent staff whose job it is to ensure that guests have such a satisfying experience that they will want to return again and again. They keep up to date with happenings in the hotel and are a hive of information when it comes to providing valuable information on tourist hot spots in the area, what services are offered in the hotels, where guests will find all the facilities that want and providing other important services like helping with currency exchange.

Narrow Down Your Search for the Best Hotels

People are often overwhelmed by so many choices with Limassol Hotels and they are looking for ways to narrow down their search and to hone in on hotels which suit their requirements. With heaps of different hotel types as well as hotels with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star ratings, offers a selection of wonderful hotels that will fit into the lifestyle of both leisure and business travelers.

By using the links and travel tools provided to choose the location, the availability of the hotel, what features and activities they offer, and where the hotel is located and guests can save themselves a lot of time by planning their entire hotel getaway in the space of a few minutes, and all from their desktop. No more tireless phoning around for quotes and spending fruitless time on the phone finding out whether the hotel will meet your expectations.

All the information you need is right at your fingertips, and there are also beautiful and accurate pictures giving you an idea of what you will be getting; by the time you are finished with you will feel as if you know your Limassol Hotels intimately. On top of that you don't only get clued up about Limassol Hotels, you can find out many things about Cyprus itself; which restaurants to dine at, where to go if you want to dance the night away and where to go for the best shopping experiences.


A 5-Star Experience

A super luxury hotel is the Four Seasons Limassol. Top Limassol hotels like this one have an award winning spa which offers a host of world class tantalizing treatments that are guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate while also providing you with boundless energy and new life. This fantastic 5-star hotel provides holidaymakers and those on business with a host of awesome choices, and the many different dining options can take place indoors or outside. Add to that the plethora of activities for young and old, starting with the well-appointed luxury rooms which are so feature-rich you may well feel inclined to hardly leave them.

There are heaps of other amenities that hotels in Limassol add to make your stay utterly luxurious and pampered. This popular luxury hotel also welcomes people with disabilities, who will be thrilled to know that disabled access is available to them. The hotel also offers 24 hour reception, a scuba diving school, high speed Internet, Jewellery and gift shops, games rooms, swimming pools, steam bath, sauna and so much more.

There is a Reliable Guide Steering You in the Right Direction

You can never underestimate the reassurance you can enjoy by finding a hotel that meets your own requirements, and a clean hotel which offers a good comfortable bed are key priorities. To ensure you find the best hotels in Limassol, guides you in finding the quality you expect. To enjoy the best deals with Limassol hotels, book early and look out for deals which offer discounts and upgrades.

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