Making Phone Calls

In order to make a phone call to Cyprus from abroad, dial 00357 and then the eight-digit phone number.

If you wish to make a phone call abroad while in Cyprus, dial 00, followed by the country code and the telephone number. International calls can be made from public telephones available at various central locations in all cities and villages, as well as at international airports, harbors and elsewhere. There are three types of public telephones – coin phones, outdoor card phones and indoor card phones. Public payphones can be used for both national and international calls. Dialing instructions as well as rates are displayed in all payphones.
Calling within Cyprus simply requires dialing the eight-digit telephone number.

Sending Letters, Parcels Telegrams

You can send your letters from post offices located throughout the island and at the airports, or using the yellow mailboxes on the street. Stamps may be purchased from all Post Offices, Postal Agencies, as well as from many hotels, newsstands, kiosks, etc. Post offices offer other services, including courier service (data post), money orders, parcel post, etc. Telegrams can be sent through the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), which has offices in all towns.

Internet Connection

Many establishments including phone centers, internet cafes and hotels offer internet connection services of various speeds and types. Depending on the establishment, the service offered is wired or wireless and is usually charged by the hour.

Free wifi services

Free wifi access points from CYTA

Free wifi access points from MTN

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